Covid-19 Compliance

The green island of Lefkada has the rare advantage of easy and safe road access thanks to the bridge that connects it with mainland Greece.

In Pearl Mansions we continue to offer a safe and luxurious accommodation, taking all new safety and security measures in its private villas, adhering to health protocols and hygiene rules as instructed by CDC, WHO, and the local authorities. Our goal, and top priority, is the safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees.

Below are our initiatives and actions taken as prevention and management measures:


  • All our employees are well trained on the sources and ways of transmission of the Covid-19, and the implementation of the health measures. At the same time, we comply strictly with the basic protective measures (hand hygiene, physical distance, etc).
  • We apply all methods and practices for cleaning and disinfecting identified sites based on the risk and likelihood of transmitting the virus.


  • All our villas have a separate entrance; our guests can enjoy an autonomous and trouble free access to their accommodation without crowding indoors.
  • Following the protocols, check-out is transferred at 11:00 and check-in at 15:00 so that there is enough time for meticulous cleaning and disinfection of the villa.
  • The keys are disinfected before being received from the new guests.
  • Practice physical distancing. Handshakes are avoided.



  • After the departure of each guest, the villa is very well and naturally ventilated.
  • Fabric surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with a steam cleaner.
  • Towels, linen and bed linen are washed with special detergents-disinfectants from a well-known company, ECOLAB.
  • Disposable antiseptic wipes are provided in all villas.
  • Up to now, the policy of Pearl Mansions regarding the cleaning and change of clothing and towels, was every three days. Now, based on the new hygienic rules and guidelines for Covid-19, housekeeping employees will clean the apartment and change the towels and clothing only after the end of three days and after a guest requests so.
  • Decorative items such as pillows, bedding, magazines, etc. are removed and will be provided only after a guest requests so.
  • TV and air conditioner controls will be covered by a disposable cover.
  • To ensure a controlled environment, entrance to the villas of our premises is not allowed to non-residents.
  • Where a villa has a private pool, regular cleaning and disinfection will be carried out to this pool.



  • In the rare event of an incident, specific rooms will be provided for the immediate isolation of the patient and those living together. Special equipment (medical kit) is available.
  • There is a contracted doctor of EODY who acts on the basis of specific instructions for the control of Covid-19.

As we envision a brighter future, the entire team of Pearl Mansions looks forward to welcoming you to the beautiful island of Lefkada for an unforgettable stay with us.

For additional information regarding reservations, changes or cancellations, you may contact us at or at +302645071609, +306909702811, +306932232610.